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  • Recently, I have been receiving requests to do AAC presentations, including requests for implementing evidence-based practices with Proloquo2Go. To prepare for these presentations, I spent a great deal of time looking for evidence-based practices in books, journal articles and websites such as PrAACtical AAC, Everyday AAC, Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs, AssistiveWare, AAC Institute, UNC Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, Gail Van Tatenhove, AAC-RERC, One Kids Place, and more. The resources were incredibly helpful for me to create a slideshow regarding the implementation of Proloquo2Go (using evidence-based practices) for students with AAC needs. I really appreciate all of the amazing AAC information the articles and websites offered, and I made sure to mention them[...]

  • Although it's hard to believe, ArtikPix was released 5 years ago in March, 2010. To celebrate its 5th anniversary, ArtikPix - Full and ArtikPix Levels Plus will be 25% off during the entire month of March. Additionally, the ES Articulation Bundle that includes the two apps will be $5 USD off. Click on the links below to access the following sale prices: ArtikPix Levels Plus : $29.99 USD ArtikPix - Full : $29.99 USD ES Articulation Bundle : $49.99 USD *Anniversary image from Rory MacLeod

  • Apple has said that Apple Watch would be coming in early 2015. And lately there have been rumors about the device shipping in March. As a developer, speech-language pathologist (SLP), and a presenter of iOS apps for special needs, I need to anticipate the device’s impact on our profession. Recently, I have been researching the platform more, so I’d like to share what I know and how an SLP may use Apple Watch. For the initial rollout of Apple Watch, 3rd party apps will be extensions of iOS apps; that is, the apps will be part of existing apps for iPhone/iPad, as opposed to standalone apps that function without an iOS app counterpart. In fact, developers create a Watch app as a target of an existing Xcode project, similarly to how an app may have free and paid versions as targets in the s[...]

  • For the 2014 ASHA Convention, we have a sale (for a limited time) on the ES Articulation Bundle and select Expressive Solutions apps. Please see the details for more information.  

  • Expressive Solutions LLC is pleased to announce the release of Percentally Pro for iPhone on the App Store. Percentally Pro is a robust data collection app that tracks educational goals via sessions for students with special needs. The scheduling component of Percentally Pro helps special educators such as teachers, SLPs, and OTs to organize and manage student data. Percentally Pro enables you to create goals in a goal bank, add students and assign goals to them, then schedule and run your sessions. With a minimal amount of setup, you will be up and running quickly! Features - Schedule sessions that are repeating or single instances - Track minutes per session automatically or manually - Collect data (tally or percentage-based) - Indicate whether tallies are correct with promp[...]

  • Shortly after iOS 7 was updated, ArtikPix 2.51 was updated for compatibility. There have been users who emailed support in regard to the audio recording feature no longer working. If that is the case for you, please check the first FAQ on our support page to learn how to enable the microphone. Note that Artikpix 2.51 includes other features added recently such as video recording as well as the Create module for creating and sharing custom decks. Now you are able to access the features with improved compatibility to iOS 7.