The Expressive Solutions apps were previously sold under the name of RinnApps. In 2012, the apps were migrated to Expressive Solutions, an LLC established in San Diego, CA. Expressive Solutions is currently owned and operated by Eric Sailers and his wife, Kelly Sailers, who work with a talented team of speech-language pathologists, special educators, developers, and artists.

Eric is a speech-language pathologist, assistive technology specialist, and mobile developer enthusiast who has worked in the schools since 2005. Currently, he practices speech-language therapy at a K – 8 school, where he is passionate about implementing mobile technologies for speech and language needs. When Eric is not providing therapy, he is delivering trainings, writing code, and creating content for Expressive Solutions. Eric enjoys playing a part in the art and software development required to implement high-quality content for users. It is rewarding for him to know that the products he creates are beneficial for his students and others.

Kelly is a language arts and history teacher at a local middle school. Over several years as a teacher, she has developed a passion for implementing technology in education. Kelly’s background as a language arts teacher has been a big contribution to the content created in apps by Expressive Solutions. She likes knowing how the company’s products have a positive impact on users in the educational environment.

Together, Expressive Solutions creates products that are fun, cool, easy-to-use, and helpful.