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  • This year I will be presenting all-day sessions on iPad for students with speech-language needs, and I recently finished my slideshow. It was fun compiling the slides, as the content focuses on how I typically implement iPad (as a school-based SLP) with my students who have speech-language needs. To this end, I was excited to include the latest features from Percentally Pro 2.1, my data collection app I use each day as an SLP. You can see the Percentally Pro 2.1 information on pages 69 - 86 in the slideshow below. The slideshow also includes ideas and strategies for several other apps. iPad for Speech-Language Needs from Eric Sailers

  • Recently, I have been receiving requests to do AAC presentations, including requests for implementing evidence-based practices with Proloquo2Go. To prepare for these presentations, I spent a great deal of time looking for evidence-based practices in books, journal articles and websites such as PrAACtical AAC, Everyday AAC, Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs, AssistiveWare, AAC Institute, UNC Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, Gail Van Tatenhove, AAC-RERC, One Kids Place, and more. The resources were incredibly helpful for me to create a slideshow regarding the implementation of Proloquo2Go (using evidence-based practices) for students with AAC needs. I really appreciate all of the amazing AAC information the articles and websites offered, and I made sure to mention them[...]

  • As in years past, I am presenting full-day sessions on the topic of iPads for children with special needs. After working with the same slideshow style for the last year or so, I decided to refresh the design of my slides. I wanted something that looked like the current style of iOS. So, I included transparent rectangles for titles, tables for lists, and circles for sections, among other features. I also updated the content of my slides to be current. The slideshow covers the latest information regarding iPads for children with special needs. iOS 8 and accessibility are highlighted as well as free, paid, and specialized apps that span reading, writing, math, communication, social skills, organization, and more. Several implementation ideas are provided with best practices to effectively [...]