Win Apple Watch with Raffleway App

At Expressive Solutions, we create apps for children with speech-language and special needs. We also attend conventions and do presentations on our apps as well as others. At these events, we enjoy doing giveaways for promotion and to increase participation. After hosting several giveaways with raffle tickets and paper slips, we realized we needed to develop our own iOS app. So, we created Raffleway, an iPhone and iPad app with Apple Watch support for raffles and giveaways. Since we think businesses, presenters, and consumers will also appreciate using the app, Raffleway will be coming soon to the App Store.

To promote Raffleway in conjunction with Better Hearing and Speech Month (#BHSM), we are pleased to announce a giveaway for (1) Apple Watch* with Raffleway app. You heard it right – we are giving away (1) Apple Watch with a promo code for our Raffleway app. Please enter below via the Rafflecopter widget, which you may need to do on a computer or tablet (as opposed to a phone). Make sure you check the eligibility rules here before entering the giveaway.

For the blog post comment entries: How would you use Apple Watch and Raffleway app?

*Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. by Jackie Bryla on May 13, 2015  10:51 pm Reply

    coolio! I can't wait to learn more about raffleway!

  2. by Ricky Buchanan on May 14, 2015  9:13 am Reply

    It says to check the eligibility rules before entering but there are no eligibility rules posted anywhere on the page?

    • by Cindy on May 18, 2015  8:19 am Reply

      The words "eligibility rules" are hyperlinked to the rules. They made the text bold, but did not color the font blue and underline the hyperlink as one would usually expect.

  3. by Leah love on May 14, 2015  7:12 am Reply

    i would use the watch to stay active! Every day!!

  4. by Jackie Bryla on May 14, 2015  7:13 am Reply

    I would use the raffleway app for give aways on my website, social media and during live continuing education app workshops! What a wonderful way to streamline app/product giveaways....which has been one of the hardest things to manage....mostly because of the number of prizes from the generous developers! I would use the watch to keep me on track for all of my more searching for my phone under student files or in my purse!!!

  5. by Helen Wagner on May 14, 2015  7:33 am Reply

    Ooooh! I would use Raffleway for giveaways for my students and peeps! I would use Apple watch to easily manage my giveaways wherever and whenever, and to keep me connected! Awesome, much needed app! Way to go!

  6. by Lisa takefman on May 14, 2015  7:52 am Reply

    I would love the watch to monitor myself. I recently started training and use another app. Raffleway would help with my giveaways at conferences and workshops.

  7. by mtmarySLP on May 14, 2015  8:18 am Reply

    I'd love to have an Apple Watch. I think it'd be an interesting way to not only stay on top of a busy therapy schedule, but could be great for potentially taking data and other activities during therapy. I'd love to use raffleway for giveaways on my blog too. It'd definitely be a win-win for me!

    What an incredible opportunity Eric! Thanks!!

  8. by Dianne Saunders on May 14, 2015  8:38 am Reply

    An Apple watch would be great for keeping track of data, scheduling, and staying on top of things! Raffleway would provide a streamlined way to manage giveaways.

  9. by Dina Kyle on May 14, 2015  9:22 am Reply

    How would you use Apple Watch and Raffleway app? I would use the watch to monitor my activity I've been training now and thought the apple watch would be prefect. As for the Raffleway App - I would use it for giveaways on a page I admin on. We love a great program that is reliable and user friendly.

  10. by Eric Sailers on May 14, 2015  11:03 am Reply

    Thanks for catching that, Ricky. Here's the link for the eligibility rules (also now included in the blog post above): BTW, you should be eligible, given that you're a resident of Australia, one of the countries eligible to participate in the giveaway.

  11. by Cindy Meester on May 14, 2015  1:11 pm Reply

    I'd like to see if I could in corporate this into my therapy sessions. Plus how cool would I be with an Apple watch at school!

  12. by Shirley Beeker on May 14, 2015  2:03 pm Reply

    I have been to one of your IPad conferences. I teach a card program for 11 individuals with Autism as we all know this wonderful group of children love electronic devices. This could be a great addition to running data for me

  13. by Meagan Lawson on May 14, 2015  3:57 pm Reply

    This would be great for my therapy sessions!

  14. by Betsy Furler on May 14, 2015  4:43 pm Reply

    I will use the Apple Watch to experiment and review apps for people w special needs and the app to organize give aways on our website

  15. by Bill Binko on May 14, 2015  4:50 pm Reply

    Well, I'd LOVE to see how we could use an Apple Watch with LessonPix. I honestly hadn't thought about it until your contest, so I might get one for R&D even if I don't win (but I want to Win!) :-)

  16. by Lindsay D on May 14, 2015  5:18 pm Reply

    I would use an apple watch to keep me active and on schedule at my school! Plus, the students would think I am the coolest!

  17. by Mandy Arkfeld on May 14, 2015  7:26 pm Reply

    Are you kidding?! I'd use my Apple watch for everything! Fitness, Apple Pay, keeping in contact, etc. thank you for this giveaway!

  18. by cassidy on May 14, 2015  9:11 pm Reply

    I would use it with Proloquo4text!

  19. by Angela Moorad on May 14, 2015  9:15 pm Reply

    I'd love to have an Apple watch to try out the new apps being released for it.... especially those for AAC! Raffleway sounds interesting to try out in giveaways on my OMazing Kids blog and social media sites. Thanks for the fabulous opportunity :)

  20. by Kathryn Helland on May 15, 2015  3:49 am Reply

    i am so excited to explore the role the Apple Watch can play in supporting augmentative communication. Talk about portable!

  21. by Mary Mahon on May 15, 2015  7:45 am Reply

    I'd use the app for our app and product giveaways and would love to have an Apple watch to keep me organized on the go

  22. by Mai Ling Chan on May 15, 2015  10:15 am Reply

    I would use it to rule the world!! ahahaha, just kidding. Ok, seriously, I would use it to expand my personal understanding of this technology and share ways to integrate this into clinical practice. Did I mention my birthday is 5/22?????? ;-)

    • by Danielle on May 15, 2015  2:01 pm Reply

      Yah... milk that birthday date ;)

  23. by beth on May 15, 2015  11:57 am Reply

    I would love this to help keep up with my schedule & monitor myself.

  24. by Maggie McGary on May 15, 2015  12:27 pm Reply

    Raffleway sounds really cool--I'd use it for giveaways at conferences. And Apple watch--I'd use it for everything!

  25. by Danielle on May 15, 2015  2:01 pm Reply

    Would love to learn how to use Raffleway for hosting contests, etc. Would use the Apple watch for everything of course!

  26. by Natalie on May 15, 2015  2:15 pm Reply

    I would use it with my son who is Autistic during our Visual learning sessions
    Thanks for a great opportunity Eric!

  27. by Eric Sailers on May 15, 2015  2:17 pm Reply

    I love all the comments about how you would use Apple Watch and Raffleway! With this photo album on our Facebook page, I'd like to share how I use Apple Watch:

  28. by Denise on May 15, 2015  5:25 pm Reply

    I think the Raffleway App would be great to boost participation in my presentations. The Apple watch would probably takeover my life, just as all of my other Apple Products have! I'd keep track of fitness goals, check messages, keep data, and keep in touch with people.

  29. by Kyle Goodman on May 16, 2015  1:13 pm Reply

    I'd use the watch at school. I'd do raffles for my stuff and school auctions.

  30. by Cindy on May 16, 2015  5:27 pm Reply

    I would love to explore the possibilities with the Apple watch for individuals with disabilities and how it might help them to lead more independent lives.

  31. by Jennifer Mitchell on May 16, 2015  5:48 pm Reply

    I would use the watch to organize my day with my students and try out new apps.

  32. by Shelley Craig on May 16, 2015  6:56 pm Reply

    no doubt. The apple watch would be offered to Leo, my 15 year old son with DS. I have heard proloquo will soon be available on the apple watch. As Leo has little expressive speech he uses ACC to make himself understood. Et voila. Thank you.

  33. by Nathalie Balduck on May 16, 2015  10:54 pm Reply

    This app is going to be great! I would use the watch to stay organized, for rafflecopters linked to my website. I could use it as a stopwatch in class and to stay fit. Also using it as a remote control might come in handy in class.

  34. by Daphn on May 17, 2015  2:13 am Reply

    Use the raffle for giveaways and the apple watch to organise myself

  35. by The Review Wire on May 17, 2015  7:08 am Reply

    I host a lot of giveaway and this app sounds interesting. This would also come in handy for our school activities, like our carnivals. The watch looks like it would come in handy for everything!

  36. by agleung on May 17, 2015  10:03 pm Reply

    I will use the pair to giveaway app promo codes from Twitter for the iOS.

  37. by Derrick Johnson on May 18, 2015  6:38 am Reply

    I would use the watch for work,home,leisure and quite frankly,to show off! ;-)

  38. by Laura Kristen on May 18, 2015  11:30 am Reply

    I would use the watch to track data for myself and my students, and the app to run giveaways for my friends!

  39. by Denise on May 18, 2015  3:55 pm Reply

    I would use raffleway for giveaways at our end of the year staff party. The apple watch would be a great way to quickly confirm my next visit date during early intervention therapy sessions without the distraction of the iPad!

  40. by Kristin on May 18, 2015  5:49 pm Reply

    I would love an Apple Watch to keep my crazy iep meeting schedule and therapy schedule!

  41. by Christina on May 18, 2015  8:23 pm Reply

    The watch would come in handy for many things--- especially keeping track of fitness and kids

  42. by Meghan Cooper on May 19, 2015  9:05 am Reply

    I would use the watch to lose weight and the app for entering giveaways

  43. by Jessica Solari on May 19, 2015  12:11 pm Reply

    I would use the Apple Watch to learn about how it can help people with disabilities. I have watched a few YouTube videos to see how it has helped people who are blind and would love to do more research. I would definitely create a presentation or journal article once I have learned enough about how the Apple Watch works. I would love to educate others about how the Apple Watch can be used in their practice and with their clients. I would use it to review applications on my website and Yapp Guru. Finally, I would use the Raffleway application to host raffles for applications, products, and other content on my social media and blog.

  44. by Rebecca Brewster on May 19, 2015  8:53 pm Reply

    Whoo hoo! What a fun giveaway!

  45. by Kurt Evans on May 20, 2015  1:36 pm Reply

    I would give the watch to my wife. She's a new mother and the health tracking features would be of significant use to her. I would surprise her by strapping the watch onto our baby's leg, so she would quickly be able to see his heartbeat.

  46. by Teresa Beggs on May 21, 2015  7:44 am Reply

    The Raffleway app could be used with students for class giveaways. They would love it! As for the watch, I could use it in so many ways in my work with special needs students. When away from the computer it would allow me to check email, reminders, schedules, etc. I also use my phone's timer quite a bit, and it would be so much better to have one on my watch so I would have two free hands. My students on the spectrum would love the watch. I constantly use my apps on my phone with them when we don't have an iPad handy, and the watch would be perfect for that. I can imagine all the possible apps that will be coming for special needs students!

  47. by Susan pursell on May 25, 2015  1:20 pm Reply

    I have used Artik Pix and Percentally for several years. If I won the watch, I would most likely use it in therapy. I'm not sure how I would use Raffleway app but I would love the opportunity to figure that out! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  48. by Cindy C on May 28, 2015  8:02 pm Reply

    This would be great for data keeping (I'm in LOVE with Percentally Pro), staying on top of my busy schedule, and who knows what else?! Can't wait to give it a try!

  49. by Eric Sailers on May 28, 2015  8:09 pm Reply

    FYI, Raffleway was approved today for the App Store: I'm happy that it's available just in time for this giveaway!

  50. by Melanie Fager on May 29, 2015  8:33 pm Reply

    Would love the Apple Watch for scheduling and fitness - as well as to try all the new and fun ways many speech and AAC apps are accessible through it. I'm intrigued about your new Raffle app. This would be perfect for running raffles next year at staff trainings. Would be wonderful to have!

  51. by Denise Anderson on May 30, 2015  7:14 am Reply

    I would use the combo to get my Blog noticed a little more. Thanks!!

  52. by Justin S on May 30, 2015  9:38 am Reply

    I would use my Apple Watch for everything because there's so many different apps and uses for it!

  53. by Daric Lepper on May 30, 2015  10:34 am Reply

    I would enter even more giveaways!

  54. by Joseph Lobban on May 30, 2015  10:43 am Reply

    I would sell it so I can donate the money to help those less fortunate

  55. by Jay Wolford on May 30, 2015  11:48 am Reply

    I would use the watch to help me keep track of the thousands of tasks it takes to organize our family reunion. Last year we held the first one on twenty seven years! There was so much excitement and memories made, we cant wait to get together again. The watch's connectivity would help me keep up with emails and texts from out 800+ descendants.

    The raffleway app would be immensely helpful with sharing information about our projects, as well as generate excitement for our reunions!

  56. by TechFreaksHD on May 30, 2015  12:15 pm Reply

    I'd love to use raffleway for giveaways on my blog, and the apple watch is a no-brainer!

  57. by Patrick McCoy on May 30, 2015  3:37 pm Reply

    I'd use the Watch for tracking data and better exercising

  58. by Brian Sano on May 30, 2015  4:11 pm Reply

    It is great to bring awareness to such an important topic with such creative ways of thinking. Keep up the great work.

  59. by Jonathan Gurnett on May 30, 2015  4:32 pm Reply

    How exciting!

  60. by Johnny on May 30, 2015  6:45 pm Reply

    I'd probably use it for making my work go faster. Just use it to pass the time. I'd probably use the raffleway app with friends if we wanna figure who does what first.

  61. by jenna on May 30, 2015  9:19 pm Reply

    This is so awesome! I NEED an apple watch because I'm addicted to all things apple. I'd use the raffleway app like I use my current raffle apps! I love giving stuff away!

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