Raffleway is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Our giveaway app, Raffleway, is now available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. We are very excited for users to have the opportunity to run in-person giveaways with Raffleway. Raffleway requires iOS 8.2 and is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. In order to use the Apple Watch app for Raffleway, you will need an iPhone 5 or later in close proximity.

Raffleway allows anyone to easily run in-person giveaways at conventions, schools, presentations, and other events. Simply collect names and email addresses of participants, then pick the winners. Participant information can be exported for email marketing, and winners can be shared via social media. With Raffleway, there’s no need for Internet connectivity, tickets, or paper slips; just run your giveaway simply in Raffleway.


◦ Set a passcode to keep participants on the entry screen
◦ Add a custom background image to the entry form
◦ Export participant information to CSV for email marketing campaigns


◦ Add an unlimited number of Raffleways
◦ Add an unlimited number of participants in each Raffleway
◦ Add Raffleways for entering single entries or multiple entries
◦ Configurable option for participants to win only once
◦ Set the number of multiple entries and edit them later
◦ Pick and clear winners
◦ Share participants to clipboard, Message, Mail with CSV, and AirDrop
◦ Share winners to clipboard, Message, Mail with CSV, social media, and AirDrop
◦ Supports Apple Watch for picking and clearing winners