What’s New in Raffleway 1.1

Raffleway version 1.1 is now available. Here’s a list of what’s new:

◦ Reset to default background image on entry screen
◦ Add and subtract multiple entries via Steppers
◦ Configurable option to show/hide the Steppers
◦ Pull down on a Raffleway table to search participants by first name or last name
◦ Edit to remove entries for all participants in a Raffleway with multiple entries
◦ Option to rate Raffleway
◦ Re-organized the Options
◦ Stylistic enhancements
◦ Updated Help
◦ Bug fixes

If you like the new features, please leave a comment on the iOS App Store listing for Raffleway. If you have feedback, please email support@expressive-solutions.com.