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  • To celebrate the release of ArtikPix 3, we are doing an App Sale! ArtikPix - Full and Percentally Pro 2 will be 30% off Thursday, September 7, 2017. This is a great deal, so don't miss the 1 day sale of our awesome articulation and data collection apps!

  • The wait is finally over! ArtikPix and ArtikPix - Full 3.0 are now available on the App Store! Version 3.0 is a major update with several improvements: • Re-imagined and re-written from scratch for a better user experience • A wizard (aka setup assistant) provides a step-by-step process to easily configure the following for each new student: name, decks, sound positions, syllable lengths, grammatical levels (word, sentence), and matching level • A student profile provides an easy way to view student notes and scores, and to update student configurations • All new group scoring - unlimited number of students per group - to tally independent and prompted responses in the flashcard and matching activities • All new user interface • Student data organized by sessions that are open or c[...]

  • 4 years. It has been 4 years since the last ArtikPix update! Why did it take that long? Well, several events occurred in the last 4 years, leading me down a long road of learning experiences that helped me finally complete the update now. 2 years ago, I had developers try to update the app. It was going to be a minor update to fix some appearance issues and glitches, but other significant features broke in the app. Additionally, the app really needed a major update that required more experience on my behalf. I started thinking how it could be better if I had the expertise to code my own apps. Additional events - occurring within my life in the last 4 years - led to this major ArtikPix update. One big event in my life was having children. My wife and I now have two energetic sons, Lev[...]

  • It's Back to School time, and we have a notable sale on our apps: ES Articulation Bundle $49.99 -> $39.99 ArtikPix - Full $29.99 -> $24.99 ArtikPix Levels Plus $29.99 -> $24.99 PhonoPix - Full 29.99 -> $24.99 Receive a 20% discount on these apps before the sale ends September 14. The apps are available for sale on the App Store.

  • Although it's hard to believe, ArtikPix was released 5 years ago in March, 2010. To celebrate its 5th anniversary, ArtikPix - Full and ArtikPix Levels Plus will be 25% off during the entire month of March. Additionally, the ES Articulation Bundle that includes the two apps will be $5 USD off. Click on the links below to access the following sale prices: ArtikPix Levels Plus : $29.99 USD ArtikPix - Full : $29.99 USD ES Articulation Bundle : $49.99 USD *Anniversary image from Rory MacLeod

  • We recently released a new articulation app called ArtikPix Levels Plus, and we know many existing customers of the original ArtikPix - Full would like a discount on ArtikPix Levels Plus. Well, with App Bundles, we are fortunately able to offer such a discount because customers can complete an app bundle. App Bundles credit customers for any apps they’ve already purchased within a bundle, so that they only pay the balance for the remaining apps. What if you don't already own ArtikPix - Full? That's ok. You now have the opportunity to purchase ArtikPix - Full and ArtikPix Levels Plus in a bundle at a discounted price. ES Articulation Bundle offers our essential articulation apps at a discount of more than 15%, as compared to purchasing the apps separately. It includes the following ap[...]

  • Shortly after iOS 7 was updated, ArtikPix 2.51 was updated for compatibility. There have been users who emailed support in regard to the audio recording feature no longer working. If that is the case for you, please check the first FAQ on our support page to learn how to enable the microphone. Note that Artikpix 2.51 includes other features added recently such as video recording as well as the Create module for creating and sharing custom decks. Now you are able to access the features with improved compatibility to iOS 7.