ArtikPix 3.1.1 tally configurations

In response to user feedback, the prompted tallies in ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 3.1.1 now have an updated appearance and are one of three tally configurations (as seen in the post’s image with three screenshots). The star-smile button is correct with prompting; the smile button is correct; the frown button is incorrect; and the star-frown button is incorrect with prompting. Because a fair number of users prefer the simple correct and incorrect tallies, it is now the default configuration (middle screenshot); however, you can change the configuration via the Options to hide all tallies (left screenshot), or to show the prompted tallies (right screenshot).

Here’s how to access the three tally configurations:

  1. Left screenshot – hide all tallies (More > Options > Hide All Tallies ON)
  2. Middle screenshot – hide prompted tallies (More > Options > Hide Prompted Tallies ON)
  3. Right screenshot – show prompted tallies (More > Options > Hide Prompted Tallies OFF)

To access the 2nd and 3rd tally configurations, you must first turn OFF Hide All Tallies (More > Options > Hide All Tallies OFF).