What’s new in ArtikPix 3.1.3

ArtikPix and ArtikPix – Full 3.1.3 are now available on the App Store! Check out what’s new:

• Reordering control of sound positions
• Bug fixes

Version 3.1.3 includes a feature to reorder sound positions, which was similarly available prior to version 3.0 of ArtikPix; however, in version 3.1.3, the reordering feature is configured for each student in the app. So, it’s possible for example to run an activity in which one student’s cards are reordered, and another student’s cards are the default order. To reorder, go to the Sound Positions screen, then turn OFF Shuffle, and move desired sound positions via the reorder control (three horizontal lines stacked). ArtikPix version 3.1.3 also includes bug fixes, such as a fix for a crash in iOS 11 that occurred when searching students (if more than one student was previously added).