Percentally Pro 2 is Now Available

Percentally Pro is back with version 2! In full disclosure, this means there’s a separate app for the 2nd version of Percentally Pro. You might be asking yourself why is that. Well, the 1st version included dependencies on the iOS calendar and iCloud integration, both of which turned out to be very detrimental. First of all, users had to agree to let the app access their calendar in order to schedule sessions in Percentally Pro. Then, data in the app was not reliably transferred across devices by iCloud. Finally, and worst of all, users were losing student data. As a result, we had to build a separate app that removed the destructive dependencies. We built our own scheduling system, and we implemented local storage to store data in the app. Through testing, we found the 2nd version to be a highly reliable solution for data collection.

If you previously purchased the 1st version of Percentally Pro, we will provide a promo code so you can download the 2nd version for free. All you need to do is capture a screenshot of your previous purchase via iTunes (Account > View Account > Purchase History See All), then email us at If you did not previously purchase the 1st version of Percentally Pro, you can buy Percentally Pro 2 on the App Store for an introductory price of $9.99.

Below is more information regarding Percentally Pro 2.

Percentally Pro 2 is a professional data collection app that tracks educational goals via sessions for students with special needs. The scheduling component of Percentally Pro helps special educators such as teachers, SLPs, and OTs to organize and manage student data.

Percentally Pro 2 enables you to create goals in a goal bank, add students and assign goals to them, then schedule and run your sessions. With a minimal amount of setup, you will be up and running quickly!

• All new scheduling system built from the ground up
• Universal app
• Backup and restore data across devices
• Export one or all students for a selected range of dates
• Export with csv attachment
• Add multiple goals at once for a student
• Enhanced summary view for a student
• Additional UI enhancements

• Schedule sessions that are repeating or single instances
• Track minutes per session automatically or manually
• Collect data (tally or percentage-based)
• Indicate whether tallies are correct with prompting, correct, incorrect, or incorrect with prompting
• Calculated data indicates accuracy in terms of independent, prompted, and total
• Add an unlimited number of sessions and students
• Add an unlimited number of students to a session
• Add an unlimited number of goals to the goal bank
• Assign an unlimited number of goals to a student
• Export data via email or clipboard
• ‘Undo’ feature to fix tallying mistakes
• Add notes for a student in a session or outside of the session
• Configurable audio for marking tallies correct and incorrect