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  • Lately, there has been increased discussion of coaching communication partners, and collecting data to track the effectiveness and frequency of modeling. For example, PrAACtical AAC posted a sample data collection form this week. As an AAC Specialist working in a school district, I'd like to share how I use Percentally Pro 2 - my iOS app for data collection - to track the progress of communication partners (e.g., staff, parents, peers) modeling with aided language stimulation. When coaching communication partners such as special education staff, I assess modeling across a variety of communicative functions: ask a question, comment, protest, request, and share information. In Percentally Pro 2, I start by enabling zeroes for measurements (More > Options > Include Zeroes ON (as indi[...]

  • Percentally Pro is back with version 2! In full disclosure, this means there's a separate app for the 2nd version of Percentally Pro. You might be asking yourself why is that. Well, the 1st version included dependencies on the iOS calendar and iCloud integration, both of which turned out to be very detrimental. First of all, users had to agree to let the app access their calendar in order to schedule sessions in Percentally Pro. Then, data in the app was not reliably transferred across devices by iCloud. Finally, and worst of all, users were losing student data. As a result, we had to build a separate app that removed the destructive dependencies. We built our own scheduling system, and we implemented local storage to store data in the app. Through testing, we found the 2nd version to be a[...]