Changes to Percentally

We have wanted to revamp the original Percentally app (released in 2009) for sometime now. When we had a chance to work on it, we thought Percentally could be greatly improved with several new features. Users had requested features for conducting group sessions, indicating prompting, and tracking session time, just to name a few.

As we began working on adding these new features in a modern, updated interface, we realized it would be best to completely overhaul the app to make Percentally a more comprehensive data collection tool. As a result, we created a robust data collection app that is a Pro version of Percentally.

At its core, Percentally Pro revolves around the notion of sessions. Since we know a majority of the work for special education staff such as SLPs, OTs, and special education teachers involves scheduling sessions (that are subject to change) and running them, we went to great effort to include a flexible scheduling component in Percentally Pro that accommodates their needs. Through sessions (single instances or repeating events) in Percentally Pro, you can easily track session time and collect qualitative and quantitative data (with the option of indicating prompting) for a group of students.

If you want to learn more about Percentally Pro, we welcome you to check out its website page at You can view a video demo of Percentally Pro and read more about the app.

As a result of creating Percentally Pro, we have decided to retire the existing Percentally app. We would like to put our energy in furthering the development of Percentally Pro as we receive feedback from users. Our intent is to make Percentally Pro the best data collection app it can be. Users who have purchased the original Percentally app will still be able to access it on their devices. However, the original Percentally existing on the iOS App Store will be discontinued once Percentally Pro is available.