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  • Expressive Solutions LLC is pleased to announce the release of Percentally Pro for iPhone on the App Store. Percentally Pro is a robust data collection app that tracks educational goals via sessions for students with special needs. The scheduling component of Percentally Pro helps special educators such as teachers, SLPs, and OTs to organize and manage student data. Percentally Pro enables you to create goals in a goal bank, add students and assign goals to them, then schedule and run your sessions. With a minimal amount of setup, you will be up and running quickly! Features - Schedule sessions that are repeating or single instances - Track minutes per session automatically or manually - Collect data (tally or percentage-based) - Indicate whether tallies are correct with promp[...]

  • We have wanted to revamp the original Percentally app (released in 2009) for sometime now. When we had a chance to work on it, we thought Percentally could be greatly improved with several new features. Users had requested features for conducting group sessions, indicating prompting, and tracking session time, just to name a few. As we began working on adding these new features in a modern, updated interface, we realized it would be best to completely overhaul the app to make Percentally a more comprehensive data collection tool. As a result, we created a robust data collection app that is a Pro version of Percentally. At its core, Percentally Pro revolves around the notion of sessions. Since we know a majority of the work for special education staff such as SLPs, OTs, and special [...]