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  • To celebrate the release of ArtikPix 3, we are doing an App Sale! ArtikPix - Full and Percentally Pro 2 will be 30% off Thursday, September 7, 2017. This is a great deal, so don't miss the 1 day sale of our awesome articulation and data collection apps!

  • Lately, there has been increased discussion of coaching communication partners, and collecting data to track the effectiveness and frequency of modeling. For example, PrAACtical AAC posted a sample data collection form this week. As an AAC Specialist working in a school district, I'd like to share how I use Percentally Pro 2 - my iOS app for data collection - to track the progress of communication partners (e.g., staff, parents, peers) modeling with aided language stimulation. When coaching communication partners such as special education staff, I assess modeling across a variety of communicative functions: ask a question, comment, protest, request, and share information. In Percentally Pro 2, I start by enabling zeroes for measurements (More > Options > Include Zeroes ON (as indi[...]

  • This year I will be presenting all-day sessions on iPad for students with speech-language needs, and I recently finished my slideshow. It was fun compiling the slides, as the content focuses on how I typically implement iPad (as a school-based SLP) with my students who have speech-language needs. To this end, I was excited to include the latest features from Percentally Pro 2.1, my data collection app I use each day as an SLP. You can see the Percentally Pro 2.1 information on pages 69 - 86 in the slideshow below. The slideshow also includes ideas and strategies for several other apps. iPad for Speech-Language Needs from Eric Sailers