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  • Although it's hard to believe, ArtikPix was released 5 years ago in March, 2010. To celebrate its 5th anniversary, ArtikPix - Full and ArtikPix Levels Plus will be 25% off during the entire month of March. Additionally, the ES Articulation Bundle that includes the two apps will be $5 USD off. Click on the links below to access the following sale prices: ArtikPix Levels Plus : $29.99 USD ArtikPix - Full : $29.99 USD ES Articulation Bundle : $49.99 USD *Anniversary image from Rory MacLeod

  • As in years past, I am presenting full-day sessions on the topic of iPads for children with special needs. After working with the same slideshow style for the last year or so, I decided to refresh the design of my slides. I wanted something that looked like the current style of iOS. So, I included transparent rectangles for titles, tables for lists, and circles for sections, among other features. I also updated the content of my slides to be current. The slideshow covers the latest information regarding iPads for children with special needs. iOS 8 and accessibility are highlighted as well as free, paid, and specialized apps that span reading, writing, math, communication, social skills, organization, and more. Several implementation ideas are provided with best practices to effectively [...]

  • As part of our next update for ArtikPix Levels, we are including a sound development chart. The information in the chart is adapted from the speech sound developmental milestones mentioned in "When are Speech Sounds Learned?" JSHD, 37, (February 1972) by Eric Sander. Our chart will be included on the Information screen accessed via the home screen of ArtikPix Levels. Stay tuned to our blog to see when the ArtikPix Levels update is available. In the meantime, you can check out our sound development chart below. Tap on the image to view it full size.