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  • We recently released a new articulation app called ArtikPix Levels Plus, and we know many existing customers of the original ArtikPix - Full would like a discount on ArtikPix Levels Plus. Well, with App Bundles, we are fortunately able to offer such a discount because customers can complete an app bundle. App Bundles credit customers for any apps they’ve already purchased within a bundle, so that they only pay the balance for the remaining apps. What if you don't already own ArtikPix - Full? That's ok. You now have the opportunity to purchase ArtikPix - Full and ArtikPix Levels Plus in a bundle at a discounted price. ES Articulation Bundle offers our essential articulation apps at a discount of more than 15%, as compared to purchasing the apps separately. It includes the following ap[...]

  • With OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, Apple has provided developers an opportunity to create app preview videos. The videos are optional, but Apple is encouraging developers to include them with their apps on the App Store. The video previews have to be 15 to 30 seconds in duration, and they can be used to highlight features in an app. Additionally, each iOS app can only have one app preview video. We decided to create app preview videos for both versions of our new articulation app, ArtikPix Levels. The videos are similar, yet they include differences to show the various features in the free and plus versions of ArtikPix Levels. The app previews will be submitted with our next updates for ArtikPix Levels. In the meantime, you can check out the videos below. ArtikPix Levels ArtikPix[...]