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    I am currently doing a Udacity course in which I need to post how I can add functionality to an iOS app we’re building to play sound. So, I decided to write a post regarding how to play a sound indefinitely, given that I was previously shown how to play a soun[...]

  • For some time I have been thinking about how questions are asked to young children who are talking very little or not at all, as well as individuals with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) needs. My thoughts have come from observing teachers, instructional aides, parents, and even SLPs who ask a lot, I mean a lot of questions to these populations. It seems like the individuals are continually being tested, whether the adult has that intention or not. I have also recently seen blog posts from David Niemeijer, Maureen Nevers, Carole Zangari and others whose posts inspired me to write about my thoughts. The authors discussed the difference between questions that are closed-ended and open-ended. In this case, closed-ended questions refer to questions in which the answer is alr[...]

  • As part of our next update for ArtikPix Levels, we are including a sound development chart. The information in the chart is adapted from the speech sound developmental milestones mentioned in "When are Speech Sounds Learned?" JSHD, 37, (February 1972) by Eric Sander. Our chart will be included on the Information screen accessed via the home screen of ArtikPix Levels. Stay tuned to our blog to see when the ArtikPix Levels update is available. In the meantime, you can check out our sound development chart below. Tap on the image to view it full size.