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  • We have been working hard for the last several months on an expressive language app we're calling LinguaPix. We are currently in the final testing phase in preparation of submitting the app to the iOS App Store. To learn more about LinguaPix, check out the updated website page, which has information and screenshots to get you up-to-speed on our exciting new app!

  • Shortly after iOS 7 was updated, ArtikPix 2.51 was updated for compatibility. There have been users who emailed support in regard to the audio recording feature no longer working. If that is the case for you, please check the first FAQ on our support page to learn how to enable the microphone. Note that Artikpix 2.51 includes other features added recently such as video recording as well as the Create module for creating and sharing custom decks. Now you are able to access the features with improved compatibility to iOS 7.